I am obsessive about this glute train and it makes use of just one resistance band

As somebody who works at a desk for eight hours a day with my glutes simply sat chilling, I frequently battle to get them fired up throughout a exercise, particularly my glute medius (the small muscle that sits on the high of your bum). It doesn’t matter what number of compound workout routines I do, like a deadlift, and even isolation workout routines, like glute bridges, nothing will get that tiny muscle going, which is crucial for that ‘perky’ butt-lift look. That’s till my earlier coach launched me to this resistance band train and it’s the one factor that’s helped perk the highest of my booty up.

The train I communicate of isn’t something revolutionary, fairly the alternative actually – it’s a banded step out. Now, you might be pondering ‘that’s one of the widespread glute workout routines within the e book’, you’re proper, however whereas this train is usually carried out with a small ‘booty band’ I used to be made to do it with a lengthy resistance band and it made a world of distinction. Even my sister, who at first was criticising the transfer saying it simply regarded like we had been doing a bizarre step out dance, struggled with the previous few reps.

Woman doing glute banded bridge

(Picture credit score: Future)

The explanation why performing the train this manner has been more practical for me is as a result of the glutes are engaged all through your complete motion. Whereas the resistance is there whenever you step out with a small booty band, this typically disappears as quickly as you convey your foot again in, as a result of folks don’t management it or battle with mind-muscle connection. With an extended resistance band the train is carried out within the reverse method (you convey your foot in then out, not out then in). This not solely locations rigidity on the glutes as you step your foot in, however you’re additionally having to combat the resistance when stepping your foot out. 

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